Keystone revitalization

Pennsylvania’s guide to revitalization

From Governing magazine’s Idea Center comes to my attention the Community Revitalization Desktop Guide produced by Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development.Community Revitalization Desktop Guide

Based on case studies in Pennsylvania, the guide recommends strategies and action steps for communities that have been languishing to attract investment and revitalization:

...(The) important economic challenge is to attract high impact investment and breathe new economic life into our core communities, …to usher in a new era of investment.

That’s what this blog is about!

Though I haven’t had a chance to read the complete guide yet, goal one of four is:

choose one asset-rich redevelopment area.

My choice: Logan Square.

While Pennsylvania is known as the Keystone State, a (lower case “k”) keystone is the central and critical piece that holds together the rest of the parts, whether states in a new nation, stones in an arch, or parts of a community.

My keystone: Milwaukee Avenue.


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