New Business of the Year

G-Mart Comic Books named New Business of the Year

Countdown 51 comic book cover

Congrats to G-Mart Comic Books! It’s just been named New Business of the Year by the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce at its annual luncheon.

This is an exciting addition to the neighborhood. Not being a comic book reader myself, I was nevertheless excited to see the addition of G-Mart to Milwaukee Avenue because there is a unique and interesting comic book culture. Imagine my equal disappointment then, when on a walk down Milwaukee Avenue I found G-Mart’s storefront empty. “Oh, no. They’re gone.”

Fortunately, as I continued my walk, I found that G-Mart had moved from its challenged Milwaukee Avenue space to 2641 N. Kedzie Avenue across from the “el” station. I stopped in and talked to Paul and Don about the store and the comic book business and culture.

G-Mart Comic Books Relocates from Milwaukee Ave.

G-Mart Comic Books Relocates from Milwaukee Ave.

Besides the expected comic books, G-Mart also carries graphic novels (mostly collections of comics) and some manga (Japanese comics). If you can’t find what you’re looking for, they’ll order it for you. In fact, 90% of their business is mail order, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out their shop.

The shop is clean and well-lit with racks of comics on display. Up front is a lounge area where on Saturdays people get together for HeroClix gaming (no, I didn’t know what that was either, but you can purchase the miniature collectibles from G-Mart). They’re looking into hosting other complementary events at the store as well. I’m sure they would entertain any ideas you might have. They are committed to making a success of the business, and Don is a Logan Square neighbor as well.


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