Spring cleaning

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Which store would you rather shop? This one?

Food4Less \

or this one?

Food4Less no gates
Food For Less Puts a Shine on Milwaukee Ave.

Within days after talking with Donna at Food For Less on Milwaukee Avenue, the window gates were removed, the windows washed, old signs removed and goods newly displayed. I can’t even take credit for being the impetus behind most of these changes though. Donna recently bought the business and had been fiddling with the locks to try to remove the gates so that she could wash the windows. I did convince her to keep the gates off even when she’s closed up shop for the night so that passersby don’t get the impression that the area is unsafe (see Broken windows/gated windows). She doesn’t yet feel comfortable removing the gate across the threshold at night for lack of a double door entrance that some other Milwaukee Avenue businesses enjoy.

The place looks so much better. And there is still room for improvement, which I am certain that Donna will continue.

As a new owner, Donna is feeling her way with what types of merchandise to keep and what to be rid of. She would like to offer more food, but is in need of a part-time employee with a food handler’s license. She can’t take the time away from the store to get the license herself.

She’s also having a hard time getting smaller quantities of goods delivered. It seems to me that similar small businesses in the area could coordinate orders and deliveries to make it worth a supplier’s while.

Food4Less jewelryThe store is just north of the Grace’s Furniture/Cheetah Gym building. Stop in to see Donna and tell her what types of things you would like to see and would buy for convenience on Milwaukee Avenue. It’s essentially a dollar+ store, but there are also some lovely and considerably more valuable necklaces and earrings for sale (above), made by Donna’s artist daughter, D.D.

An added bonus: Donna and D.D. are also Logan Square neighbors.


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