Food metaphors for Logan Square

Today’s Gapers Block “Detour” features a piece on political newcomer, Green Party candidate, Logan Square resident, Jeremy Karpen’s quest to represent the neighborhood in the Illinois House: “Campaigning for Change in Logan Square.”

The race promises to highlight many of the neighborhood’s economic, social and political complexities.

And indeed the article highlights such hot-button topics as the Mega Mall and the G-word (gentrification).

Paul Levin of the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce compares the neighborhood to a layer cake, and the 2005 closing of Abril Mexican Restaurant is juxtaposed with the 2005 opening of Dunlays on the Square:

…The series of decisions that led to Abril’s self-destruction seem to underline both the changes and continuities present in the neighborhood today. Someone at Abril apparently thought the future lay in grilled tilapia and “contemporary” Mexican food — it seems they were wrong.

My, my, doesn’t Logan Square have a discriminating palate.


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