Milwaukee Avenue hygiene

Yesterday, marketing expert/author/speaker/etc. Seth Godin posted a piece, More vs. enough, about the application of Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory .

There are applications for Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square.

Herzberg’s work, concerning attitudes on the job, shows that there are two factors at work: motivation and hygiene (I know, I know; stick with me). Motivators or what may increase satisfaction are things like
challenging work on the job, or low prices at Milwaukee Avenue stores.
Hygiene factors or what may reduce dissatis-
faction are things like job security in the workplace or the cleanliness of Milwaukee Avenue.

Milwaukee Avenue merchants and property owners must address both satisfaction through prices and products, for example, and the absence of dissatisfaction through, for example, cleanliness and maintenance.

2 Responses to Milwaukee Avenue hygiene

  1. Wow, I apply my interpretation of Herzberg to this work too. CHeck out this past blog entry: The “soft side” of commercial district competition

  2. Richard: The similarities in neighborhoods continues! ~ Lynn (responding a little late on the draw as your comment was earlier misdirected to spam)

    To all: I do want to commend the large buildings on both sides of Milwaukee at the north corners of Sawyer as I regularly see staff sweeping the sidewalks there.

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