Scene in Logan Square: House & Garden Walk

Logan Square Preservation House & Garden Walk is scheduled for Saturday, September 6, from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., centered around Palmer Square.

For 27 years Logan Square neighbors have generously opened their doors and unlocked the garden gates to allow others to scratch below the surface of the beauty of the neighbor-

This year’s House Walk features 9 gardens, 8 homes — all protected by Landmark designation — and 2 churches in Palmer Square, itself part of Chicago’s Logan Square Boulevards Landmark District.

The House Walk was started to combat negative press falsely attributed to the Logan Square neighborhood. Today, it’s less combative, more promotive.

Each year, of the hundreds of folks who participate, about half come from outside the neighborhood, from the suburbs, even from out of state. Like the Tour de Fat in June, the House Walk shows off some of Logan Square’s premier housing stock, only more slowly, deeply. Like the Tour de Fat and events like it, the House Walk newly introduces some people to the neighborhood and brings others back, all of whom may patronize local businesses.

If you’re bringing friends or family to the House Walk — introducing them to the neighborhood for the first time or renewing their acquaintance with Logan Square — have breakfast before the walk or follow the walk with lunch or dinner. But do plan to make a day of it with a meal at a local restaurant and some relaxation on Palmer Square. See “Make it the Logan Square House & Garden — and restaurant — Walk” for some ideas.


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