Do… or write not

Just a short post to let readers know that I am still here. I have to remind myself now and then of why I started this blog. One of the purposes is to write about connecting people with place — Milwaukee Avenue in this case — and to address the question of how to bring people to Milwaukee Avenue when the stores may not be enticing them. That’s what I’ve been doing, rather than writing.

Chicago Artists Month

The City of Chicago has deemed the month of October Chicago Artists Month. To be timely and take advantage of this city-wide focus, I am working to get Milwaukee Avenue merchants and property owners to agree to display art by local artists (and by artists whose subject matter is Logan Square) in their storefront windows for a couple of weeks in October.

I could use the help of readers in a couple of ways. First, if you know of Logan Square artists (whose work is primarily two-dimensional), please bring our attention to them here, and, if you know, let us know how to reach them via a website or gallery. (If you only have personal contact information, please direct them to this site and ask them to initiate the contact.) Even if they ultimately don’t participate, I’m sure they would love to have people know of their work and that people would love to know about them as well.

Second, I’m looking for a name to give to this, something a bit more clever than Milwaukee Avenue Gallery, something that might attract the attention of folks both in and outside the neighborhood. Any ideas?


13 Responses to Do… or write not

  1. Artists: If you are interested and would like to leave personal contact information for me without sharing it publicly, please start your comment with “CAM.” This will trigger your comment to be moderated, and I will not disclose your personal information. ~ Lynn

  2. Carter says:

    excellent idea Lynn! most of my friends are on the musical end of the artistic spectrum, but I’ll circulate to the others I know ASAP –


  3. Amber says:

    Ben Cowan is an artist who lives in Logan Square. His Park Paintings are mostly of Palmer and Humboldt Park.

    Amber: Thanks, I’ll check in with Ben. ~ Lynn

  4. Hi there! A friend forwarded me this posting! I think it is a great idea and would love to participate.

    I am a photographer and mixed media artist- both living and working in Logan Square, and do work on the neighborhood as well.

    My website is please take a look at the work and let me know if you like it and if it fits the bill!


    Lindsey: I did take a quick look, and it does fit the bill! I’ll be contacting you directly. ~ Lynn

  5. joshua says:

    Hi Lynn, a friend forwarded me your post as well, i live on the blvd. and although my website isn’t functioning to its full capacity at the moment you can check out my work at myspace it’d be great to get see and know the other artist in the area and i’d love to be involved, so just let me know. thanks, joshua

    Joshua: Glad to know you’re interested. I’ll be contacting you as well. ~ Lynn

  6. Matt Kanable says:

    I am an artist living in Logan Square and would be interested in this project. I work in both photography and painting/mixed media, you can veiw a selection of work at the following two links & can can contact me at the email left in the required field.


    paint: ttam_elbanak on Flickr

    pics: ttam_elbanak on Flickr

    Matt: In your pics I recognize those tiles from Cuatros Caminos (now Sunrise Fresh Market)! I’ll be in touch. ~ Lynn

  7. Gina says:

    I’d be interested. You can see some of my work at the blogspot above (skip the dog)

    Click on Gina’s name to connect to the blog. ~ Lynn

  8. Lucy Mueller says:

    I am a photographer. My work can be seen online by looking for Lucy Mueller’s gallery at the Chicago Artists’ Coalition website. I currently have a solo show up at the University of Illinois and will have a piece in the Chicago Art Open at the Merchandise Mart in October. I live in the Avondale area, on Sawyer. I hope to see more art on Milwaukee Avenue and am glad to find out about this group!

  9. Ben says:

    Hey this Ben Cowan. Lynn, did we meet tuesday morning at the Logan Square business leaders meeting thing about the development?

    Ben: No, that wasn’t me. Was it possibly Lynn Basa who has commented below? ~ Lynn

  10. Lynn Basa says:

    Lynn, I just discovered your blog when someone posted a link to it on the Greater Goethe Yahoo group. I’m an artist in Logan Square and just bought a building at Drake and Milwaukee that I’m turning into artist live/work space. I headed up the Milwaukee Ave. task force for Manny Flores to work on a master plan (with URS) for the corridor from Western to California. (It’s on the First Ward web site)

    It’s a coincidence to find your blog because just yesterday Marielee called me to tell me about your work. Anyway, I hope to meet you soon.

    Lynn: I look forward to meeting you soon as well. ~ Lynn

  11. Marvin Tate says:

    hola, my name is marvin tate, i’am a performer, poet and visual artist. i make snow globes , ligiht boxes and quasi musical globes . i’am a regular particpant in the annual hideout xmas sale and have sold my gear or displayed them in the following venues, the rainbo, carlos remirez gallery, bucktown art fair, renegade art fair, the palmer street art fair in the intuit gallery store. my umber is (7730588-0779 and i live in the logansquare/avondale neighborhood. if you e-mail me at the forementioned address, i could e-mail you some of my recent photos or you could go to my myspace page at my space .com/clownspit.

    Hola Marvin: I will email you (email addresses are never revealed to readers) soon to follow up. ~ Lynn

  12. DROOO says:

    Perhaps my comment didn’t go through with the CAM at the beginning, so let me try this again. I’m based out of Logan Square and would like to participate if the opportunity is still there. Here are samples of my work: drooo on Flickr

  13. Hi Lynn! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner…I would love to participate and I will certainly have more volunteers from the Logan Square art group ( ).

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