New shoe store on Milwaukee Avenue

The name doesn’t roll off the tongue just right and it’s only partially descriptive, but there’s a new store, Shoes Center, open at 2634 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square. The Shoes Center carries shoes — mostly athletic shoes, though there are some flats and some cute slipper-like shoes in the window right now. It also carries athletic gear — t-shirts, warm-ups, hats, etc.

Shoes Center opens on Milwaukee Ave.

You can even see the merchandise through the storefront windows, at least during store hours (at night the new owner is unfortunately using the window gates that came with the storefront). There are few additional signs to hinder the view to the store’s interior. You’ll find the store clean, and there’s some breathing room between the merchandise displays so you have an opportunity to see what’s in stock. Check it out and let us know what you think.

While his English is not that good (though I find lots of non-native English speakers, while they speak fairly well and understand even better, play down their language skills), the owner, Mr. Kim, is already supporting the community. He’s on board to participate in the Milwaukee Avenue art project I’ve been undertaking (see Do… or write not).


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