Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk is here!

It starts with a giant bunny and ends with the elegance of the Chicago Ballet. There are mixed media, watercolors, oils and more. The work of Logan Square artists and art about Logan Square are on display in the storefront windows of Milwaukee Avenue from Logan Square proper to Diversey Avenue for the Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk now through November 2.

I undertook this project as one way to attract more people to or to attract people back to Milwaukee Avenue.

When is the last time you really looked in the shop windows along Milwaukee Avenue? If you’re like me (prior to this year), you took a look once or twice, but decided there wasn’t much there for you and never looked back. You now have a reason to take a second look.

You may have to look carefully. There are a lot of signs and colors and words on Milwaukee Avenue competing for your attention. This stretch of Milwaukee Avenue also received a new round of tagging last week, including tags with acid that are not easily removed. But you can approach finding the works of art like a scavenger hunt and make a game of it . If you want to know specifically where the art is on display, though, or if you want to obtain a list of the artists after you’ve completed your scavenger hunt, see the list below (after the first image).

I extend my thanks to all the participating artists, businesses and property owners. Thanks also to Victor Montañez who created a logo for the event. And thanks also to Logan Square neighbors Greg Friske and Margaret Guzek who helped me hang the art.

Now go out and take the Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk, and tell your friends, neighbors and colleagues. Take the time to compliment the businesses on their participation and to see what merchandise and services they offer.

Here are the Milwaukee Avenue addresses where you’ll find the art:

"mattress bunny" by Lucia Fabio and Robert Andrew Mueller

"mattress bunny" by Lucia Fabio and Robert Andrew Mueller

  • 2618 – “mattress bunny” by Lucia Fabio and Robert Andrew Mueller
  • 2620 – “My Daughter, My Way” by Phyllis Scales
  • 2620 – “All American Girls” series by D.D.S.
  • 2624 – “Mantlepiece II,” 2002 by George P. Schneider
  • 2628 – “Paz” by Moses Pérez
  • 2634 – “Fireside Bowl (Unfinished)” 2008 by Tracy Kostenbader
  • 2640 – “Fireside” and “Margie’s” by Dan Zamudio
  • 2640½ – “Cozy Corner (Unfinished)” 2008 by Tracy Kostenbader
  • 2641 – “Spiderman’s Crib” by Marvin Tate
  • 2644 – “Flowers” by Julie Sulzen
  • 2644½ – “Red Cattleya,” 1990 by Robert M. Andersen
  • 2645 – “Walkway/Provence” by Laurel Spingola
Logan Square Neighborhood Series by Tracy Kostenbader

"Belden & Milwaukee: Logan Square Neighborhood Series" by Tracy Kostenbader

  • 2653 – “Belden & Milwaukee: Logan Square Neighborhood Series” by Tracy Kostenbader
  • 2658 – “Spring” and “Fall” by Lucy Mueller
  • 2700 – “Pickup Game” by G. Frost
  • 2704 – “Fruit Study” by Moses Pérez

"View of Two Trees (morning)" by Ben Cowan

  • 2714 – “View of Two Trees” series by Ben Cowan
  • 2722 – “Old Chair” by Julie Sulzen
  • 2734 – “1, 2, 3, Cuatros” series by Matt Kanable
  • 2767 – “Dotty Face” by Moses Pérez
  • 2775 – “Serenity on Sea/Eze, France” by Laurel Spingola
"Old Friends" by G. Frost

"Old Friends" by G. Frost

  • 2777 – “Old Friends” by G. Frost
  • 2778 – “Emotion in Motion” series by Amy Krut
  • 2785 – “Cocktails” and “On the Town” by Dan Zamudio

Tell us what you think. Did you enjoy the art? Did it draw you out to Milwaukee Avenue? Did you discover any goods or services that you did not know Milwaukee Avenue had to offer?

Also see Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk 2009.


5 Responses to Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk is here!

  1. Carter says:

    What an amazing thing you’ve accomplished Lynn. thanks on behalf of we Logan Square denizens (and/or Avondale squatters!).


  2. Jen Kanable says:

    I concur-great job. The art looks great, a perfect reason to take a stroll down Milwaukee on a beautiful fall afternoon. Awesome idea!

  3. Roger Cummings Gap Outlet says:

    As the Store Manager of Gap Outlet, I am pleased and honored to support the community with this creative project! What a brilliant idea to, from Lynn, to get people out on the Avenue to enjoy this artwork and their community.

    Roger: And we’re pleased and honored with Gap Outlet’s support! ~Lynn

  4. Tiffanie Kalisz says:

    Wow! Great photography! What a beautiful display of both art and dance. I am pleased that the Gap has supported both the lovely dancers and the lovely photography of Amy Krut.

    Tiffanie: Be sure to check out the rest of the Walk to the south for more photography and other art media. ~ Lynn

  5. Adam Natenshon says:

    Brilliant idea! Lynn, you deserve great credit for making it happen. Can’t wait to spend some time on the Avenue. Bravo!


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