Milwaukee Avenue businesses’ community participation


It’s always a delight to see so many Milwaukee Avenue businesses handing out treats on Halloween, helping to create a fun and safe holiday for trick or treaters. With the great majority of businesses participating and an unseasonably warm evening this year, there were swarms of kids who enjoyed the generosity of Milwaukee Avenue businesses.

puebla-treats-10-31-08-058The tradition may have once started with the coordination of one business organization or another, but it continues solely on tradition and the goodwill of the businesses. No one cajoles them to participate. If you enjoyed Halloween on Milwaukee Avenue or are simply delighted that the businesses continue this tradition, please let the businesses know.

young-treats-10-31-08-088Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk

I also want to thank and recognize the businesses that

participated in the Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk (see Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk is here!), and hope you will too. Take a second look at their goods and services; better yet make a purchase; at a minimum let them know you’re pleased with their participation. There were more businesses willing to participate than did, either because I didn’t have enough art to display or because their storefronts weren’t the right fit for the art that I did have to display.

Here’s where you’ll find the businesses that did participate in the Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk:

  • 2620 – Food For Less
  • 2624 – Omar Jewelry
  • 2628 – Disco City
  • 2634 – Shoes Center
  • 2640 – Joyería Moreira
  • 2640½ – K-Nails
  • 2641 – E&T Tania’s Realty
  • 2644 – Español Accounting Services
  • 2644½ – Diamante Jewelers
  • 2645 – BVL Gas Sales & Service
  • 2653 – Prada & Associates
  • 2658 – Puebla Restaurant
  • 2700 – Yale Insurance
  • 2704 – Natkin & Associates
  • 2714 – Café Con Leche
  • 2722 – Sunrise Fresh Market
  • 2734 – Pearl Vision
  • 2734 – Wireless Central
  • 2767 – Tropical Optical
  • 2775 – Warehouse Furniture
  • 2777 – Young Shoes
  • 2778 – Gap Outlet
  • 2785 – Fantasy Hair Design
  • 2945 – Grace’s Furniture (participation at its former location at 2618)

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