Holiday shopping around Logan Square

Julejentenes Christmas Bazaar

norwegian-cookiesFirst stop, the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church (Minnekirken) at 2614 N. Kedzie for its annual Julejentenes Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, November 22 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The church ladies have been baking up a storm, and on Saturday you can purchase some of their delectable Norwegian cookies and breads and clever crafts. Buy some for your own Thanksgiving feast or to bring as a gift for your Thanksgiving hosts. The ladies also promise stick-to-the-bones pea soup, which should be welcome warmth in this cold weather. The bazaar is a fundraiser for the church, the last remaining Norwegian language church in Chicago.

Gift options surrounding the square

boulevard-bikes-cropMoving right around Logan Square to the south on Kedzie Avenue, Boulevard Bikes has shiny new and fully functional used bikes and accessories for your cycling friends and family, or give a gift certificate in any amount for your cyclist’s future repair or accessory needs. Lula Café also offers gift cards in any denomination.

Heading east around the square, in addition to lovely and dramatic flowers, Fleur also has gift certificates in any denomination, stationary gift sets, baby gifts for new parents on your list, and artsy wrapping paper in black and white or shades of red and green. Dunlays on the Square, too, offers gift cards in any denomination. Wolfbait & B-girls has a plethora of Chicago designs and gifts to choose from: t-shirts printed with Mayor Daley’s face and “Mayor for Life” and images of other Chicago landmarks, a variety of jewelry, women’s clothing, and even dog toys. Or give a gift certificate
wolfbait-b-girls-cropin an amount of your choosing so your gift recipient can enjoy the experience of shopping at Wolfbait & B-girls in addition to the gift itself.

Heading back north up Kedzie Avenue, buy a gift certificate in any amount from G-Mart Comic Books, and the gift recipient, as always, can get 35% off advance purchase comics. El Cid offers gift certificates in $15 denominations. Azucar! offers $25 and $50 gift certificates, or call a couple days in advance for a custom certificate in any amount you choose to give. Finally, The Winds Café, too, offers gift certificates in $25 denominations.

Hopefully, that’s enough to get you started on your holiday shopping. Keep in mind that shopping local keeps more money in the neighborhood and supports and celebrates what makes Logan Square Logan Square.


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