Logan Square is “WHAT’S HOT”

The Chicago Tribune’s on-line version has a current feature on its front page: “WHAT’S HOT in Food, Style and Design.” [Update: I think this was in the Sunday magazine, but it’s rare that I’ll get a print version of the Trib.] Amongst the photo gallery of fashion, gadgets, toys, and culture, is the whole neighborhood of Logan Square! (photo #24) with the following hot spots in this hot neighborhood noted:

lula-cafe-date-nightLula Café on Kedzie Ave.*


The Whistler on Milwaukee Ave.*

*Lula Caf
é photo courtesy of pismire_chicago on Flickr
*The Whistler photo by Metromix/Chuan D. Vo


2 Responses to Logan Square is “WHAT’S HOT”

  1. Jossbot says:

    I was just in the Logan Bar & Grill last night and it was awesomeeee. I don’t have any pictures, but it’s right on California & Milwaukee (2230 N California). It’s a great place to meet friends and hang out.
    The food is good, their prices are fair, and there’s no problem to park, plus it’s right on the California EL stop.
    It seems that they have a nice patio when it’s warm, but the inside is cute with a big bar area, and a bigger restaurant.
    The staff is nice and fast, and their fries are so good. Like, I want to marry a Logan potato 🙂

  2. Bonsoiree is simply amazing – the price/performance is off the charts.

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