Net loss for Milwaukee Avenue

2715-el-pollo-loco-3-9-08-073Last week, El Pollo Loco at 2715 N. Milwaukee Avenue shut down. I don’t know if it was economics or insurmountable problems with the building/space.

A couple of weeks ago, Warehouse Sale opened at 2760 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Warehouse Sale is a temporary toy warehouse set up just for the holiday season in much the same way that Halloween warehouses temporarily set up for that seasonal shopping.  It’s worth a look if you’ve got toys on your shopping list.

One closed, another open, but because of the temporary nature of Warehouse Sale, this is a net loss for Milwaukee Avenue.


2 Responses to Net loss for Milwaukee Avenue

  1. rachelle says:

    oh! i just heard about el pollo loco this past weekend. someone told me they were just GONE one day. crazy. i had a fondness for that place. reminded of when i lived on the west coast.. and also of when i emailed with rey colon about it opening a few years ago.

  2. JR says:

    That place was an operational nightmare, I once waited 25 minutes for Tacos. Not a bad concept, however poor management and poor customer service drove this place into the ground

    JR: That certainly could have led to its closing as well. I just don’t know the why behind it. ~ Lynn

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