Standing room only


Wednesday I was at both Dunlays on the Square (3137 W. Logan Boulevard) and New Wave Coffee (photo below, 2557 N. Milwaukee Avenue), and, despite our current economy, both were standing room only!  People were waiting for tables and seats to free up.  That’s great news, isn’t it?

I was at both places introducing blogger Richard Layman of Washington, D.C. and Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space and blogger Aaron Renn of Chicago and Indianapolis and  The Urbanophile to this stretch of Milwaukee Avenue and Logan Square.

new-wave-coffee1It’s great to meet folks who share my interest in urban/revitalization issues and interesting to get fresh perspectives.  They gave me much to think about.  You can see ideas from some of the discussion at today’s Rebuilding Place posts here, here, and here.


One Response to Standing room only

  1. Bits says:

    Where is New Wave Coffee? I know you have the address, but can you give me some landmarks? I know I lived in Chicago 12 years, but I’m having trouble recalling where 2557 would be.

    Bits: It’s in the building at the southeast corner of Logan Blvd. and Milwaukee Ave.; it also has a Logan entrance right where the Farmers Market is held. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s in the space where Bon Bon used to be. ~ Lynn

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