And another one gone

2657-kedzie-the-winds-closing-004The Winds Café on Kedzie Avenue closed (photo right) in early February.  The signs say the closure is for the purpose of remodeling (photo inset).  While I had hoped that was true, I had my doubts, and, come to find out, the building and the business are for sale.  Still I’m hoping they may just take a break during these winter months, during this current economy, to cut their losses, and that they’ll open again when the weather improves and more people are walking about the neighborhood.  Or, that they’ll sell to a profitable operator or other business.


And another one gone

Further north, I don’t even know when the Washington Mutual at the corner of Spaulding and Milwaukee Avenues closed (photo left).   It was some time between New Year’s and early February.  I was staying close to home and definitely not walking around more than necessary during our tenth coldest January ever.  However, ever since Chase bank took over WaMu, I expected this WaMu branch to close because it’s only a city block north of the Chase branch by the main “el” stop.  I thought there was just one, strategic possibility that they might keep it open in order to prevent a competitor bank from moving in.


Another one bites the dust*

And still further north, the Rainbow at 2768 N. Milwaukee Avenue also closed (photo right) between New Year’s and early February.  This is one of the larger retail spaces along this stretch of Milwaukee Avenue and leaves another gaping hole.  In the five relatively large landmarked buildings on the southwest corner of Diversey and Milwaukee Avenues, only three businesses remain.

2569-western-union-003Finally (we can hope), back south toward the square, the Western Union at the southeast corner of Logan Boulevard and Milwaukee Avenue closed up shop at that location (photo left) in early December, but moved not too far away to just north of the Sachs/Payless building.

*Headings from the lyrics of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.”


Winter diversions in Logan Square:

Unibroue beer tasting:  Tuesday, March 10, from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., at Crown Liquors, 2821 N. Milwaukee Ave.

victor-m-montanezs-the-corazon-series-cropOpening reception for Victor M. Montañez solo
art show, “The Corazon” series:
Saturday, March 14, from
7:00 p.m., at the Crown Tap
Room, 2821 N. Milwaukee Ave.
(entrance on Woodard St.)

2 Responses to And another one gone

  1. erica says:

    I had no idea the extent of closing businesses in our neighborhood, a disappointing direction for things to take. New Wave and other new businesses in the area should be doubly appreciate for their willingness to take on the risk in this difficult economic climate.

    I can’t help but think something must still be in the hopper for Grace’s Furniture. Why else would they keep the sign illuminated at all times?

    erica: Somthing is in the hopper. A Cheetah Gym is slated to open in late summer. See Opportunities in the making: Cheetah Gym. There are some hopeful signs as well. More soon. ~ Lynn

  2. Gina says:

    Happy you were able to offer a straight answer about the Winds. Sorry that your doubts about the remodeling (and mine) were well founded.

    Thanks for posting so much information about the neighborhood!

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