It’s not over yet

Just a couple of weeks ago I expressed hope, in And another one gone, that that was it for closings and vacancies.  But it’s not over yet.

State Senator Martinez has moved her office from Milwaukee Avenue to Kedzie Avenue.

2733-martinez-044-movingFormer Milwaukee Ave. Office
of Senator Martinez

At present, her campaign office remains in the adjacent building to the south at 2727 N. Milwaukee Avenue, but they plan to vacate that by the end of the month.  Alderman Colón’s office, currently in that same building at the northeast corner of Milwaukee Avenue and Sawyer Avenue, but with a Sawyer Avenue address, has been looking for new space too.  When they leave, that will leave Red Star Liquors as the sole surviving business in the entire building.

I’ve seen for myself water problems in that building, and I’ve heard of problems with cockroaches.  I’ve also heard that the building is in foreclosure.

Across the street, the law office of Natkin & Associates has vacated its space and thankfully removed its massive signs.  The Logan Square office consolidated with another office in the Pilsen neighborhood.

2704-natkin-048-sign-downSigns Come Down at the Former
Milwaukee Avenue Office
of Natkin & Associates

Pearl Vision, currently a few doors north, hopes to move into this vacated space and the long vacant one next door to the north sometime this year.  That will leave Pearl’s current space vacant.  You might think swapping one storefront for two would be a plus, but in terms of retail frontage, the swap will be a slight downsizing.  I’m not sure how it compares in total square footage.

I’m also concerned that the absence of the foot traffic and the waiting customers with idle time that Pearl Vision generates at its current space may negatively affect its current neighbor, Wireless Central.


One Response to It’s not over yet

  1. Resident says:

    “I’ve seen for myself water problems in that building, and I’ve heard of problems with cockroaches. I’ve also heard that the building is in foreclosure.”

    All true. Roaches have gotten much better (I haven’t seen one in couple months) I’d like to find out more about the foreclosure since all I see is the online docket info on the courts website.

    They are also rehabbing the building which is a good sign. Management is decent, some parking spaces for a monthly fee, wireless internet if you happen to be close enough to the routers, reasonable rent w/ heat and gas included ($650 to $675 for studios, $750 for 1BR. I just moved into a one bed they just rehabbed after living in one of the bigger studios for 6 months. New internet cafe opening up soon next to what was the WaMu.

    It is sad to see so many places closing along that stretch.

    Resident: The internet “café” has opened. I’ll be posting something about it soon. ~ Lynn

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