The Urbanophile rewarded for transit ideas

blue-line-emptyYou may remember my writing earlier this month in Standing room only that I had met with a couple of other bloggers, including Aaron Renn, The Urbanophile (see Blogroll in right column).

I’d say I was keeping good company.  Aaron Renn has just won a $5,000 prize from the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce for his ideas about how to increase transit use.  The Chicago Tribune reported on it, but I direct you over to The Urbanophile’s own post: The Urbanophile Wins Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Transit Innovation Competition, where you can find more Chicago and transit related posts.

Aaron’s ideas may appeal to Peopling Places readers for their urban focus.  Read the winning entry and three honorable mentions in their entirety at InnovateNow.

Blue Line photo by reallyboring on Flickr.


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