Capturing the spirit of the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival

During the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival July 31 -August 2, there was a Live Art Masterpiece Battle, where 18 artists took their canvasses to the square with the mission to capture the spirit of the festival in their own way within a five hour time frame.

After the five hours, a panel of judges (documentary filmmaker Bill Siegel, art collectors Hilda and Grant Jensen, Gina Gamboa of Northeastern Illinois University’s Chicago Teachers’ Center, and Anne Elliott of Blick Art Materials) convened to determine which artists best achieved their mission.

It appears the artists took their mission seriously, as the judges had a difficult time choosing a first and second place winner.  In the end, they
MAAF masterpiece battle 034chose to give a three way tie for second place and split the prize amongst:

Keely Hakula
. While I was able to capture the spirit of Keely’s work in progress in the photo to the left, I didn’t get a chance to photograph her final product.

Cody Sanders.
Below is Cody’s work in progress and the final product.

Cody Sanders

MAAF masterpiece 2nd pl 055
James Scalfini. James was done before I even started taking photographs, so I only captured his final product in the photo to the right.

Each of second place winners were awarded $100, sponsored by 35th Ward Alderman Rey Colón.

The judges did decide on one first place winner of the $500 prize sponsored by the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance.

And the winner is…

Corryn JacksonCorryn Jackson
1st place, Live Art Masterpiece Battle,
2009 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival

What best captured the spirit of the festival for you?  What were your favorite finds? Please share your comments on What did you think of the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival? (I’ve closed comments here so to consolidate comments in one post.)

MAAF masterpiece contest 031
P.S:  While I didn’t have a chance to see all the contest submissions, this work in progress (photo left) captured the spirit of the festival for me.  See additional photos of masterpiece works in progress over at What did you think of the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival?

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