What do real estate experts have to say about future Milwaukee Avenue development?

If you’ve been participating in the Milwaukee Avenue Corridor Development Initiative, you’ve had a chance to Have your say in future Milwaukee Avenue development.  And whether you have or haven’t been previously participating, there is one more workshop on Wednesday, August 26, at Logandale School.

Logan Square CDI Block Building 08.05 (48)Building Blocks at the
Milwaukee Avenue Corridor
Development Initiative Workshop

At the most recent workshop on August 5, participants played with blocks that represented a certain number of units of residential or commercial development.  The task was to use real Milwaukee Avenue sites to come up with development scenarios that might suggest a framework for future development at a variety of Milwaukee Avenue locations.

What’s next?

At the August 26 workshop, real estate experts and developers will weigh in with their thoughts about the development scenarios, if, and how they measure up to the current real estate market and trends.

After Wednesday’s workshop, the plan is to develop a report to provide future developers with guidelines or principles that reflect what the neighborhood desires.  Tough task.

Parking, affordable housing, building height

From my observations and from comments I heard from other participants, both parking and affordable housing remain strongly contested issues, and desired building height has yet to be addressed.

Ergo, it’s not too late.  In fact, it’s just the right time to contribute your voice and opinions to shaping future Milwaukee Avenue development.

Bucktown Arts Fest 09.


Scene in Logan Square:

Bucktown Arts Fest,
Saturday and Sunday,
August 29-30, from
11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
at Oakley and Lyndale


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