Do we need more parking?

Before I delve into the topic of parking a bit more, I want to get a sense of what readers think:  Do we need more parking along Milwaukee Avenue?

For the purposes of this discussion, because I’m going to tie it into discussion of the Milwaukee Avenue Corridor Development Initiative workshops that recently took place, I’m broadening the portion of Milwaukee Avenue addressed and breaking it down into two sections.  Please vote in both polls and read the answers carefully as they appear in random order:


Thanks for participating.  If you want to elaborate on your views, post a comment please.

Scene in Logan Square:

Summer Sessions on the Square, Saturday,
August 29, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Logan Square monument, this month featuring Mucca Pazza, Trace and Black Tooth Grin of the Intonation Music Workshop, and StankStar, and continuing the last Saturday of September.

2 Responses to Do we need more parking?

  1. Urbanchords says:

    Parking is a touchy subject. LS shouldn’t become Lakeview where there is no parking, the available parking is permit parking, and there are no available parking for guest that wish to spend money in our neighborhood. Nor do we want to become Des Moines or Milwaukee, where there is a parking garage on every block, no residential to provide street life, and it is dead after 5.00 P.

  2. erica says:

    It is really amazing that most people believe we have sufficient or even too much parking. What an enviable situation! I hope this balance is maintained in the future in Logan Sq., wherever that leads. I think the level of cycling in the neighborhood has something to do with this phenomenon too. Too bad there isn’t safe and convenient bike parking in the City, or this phenomenon could be even more pronounced.

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