Hypothetical Milwaukee Avenue development: Scenario 2

Here’s another possible development scenario for Milwaukee Avenue (click on image for a slightly larger and clearer view).

And again, I’d like to hear what you think of its potential.  For discussion purposes, again assume that this building would replace an empty lot or an ugly, historically insignificant building.

Scenario 2 marked up AHypothetical Milwaukee Ave. Development:
Scenario 2

As with Scenario 1, Milwaukee Avenue is on the right.  The first floor windows indicate retail use along both Milwaukee Avenue and the side street in the foreground, and the fifth floor appears stepped back further from Milwaukee Avenue than from the side street.  Along the side street, a pocket park is proposed.

Same/similar questions:  How does it fit with your ideal of Milwaukee Avenue development?  How does it fit in with existing Milwaukee Avenue development?  What’s good about it?  How would you improve on the idea?

Besides the retail use on the first floor suggested by the windows, what other uses could you see/would you like to see in such a building?

Is a pocket park fronting Milwaukee Avenue appropriate for the setting?

Feel free to address anything about this scenario that strikes you; compare and contrast it with Scenario 1.  And a reminder:  The more discussion we have here, the more scenarios I am likely to share in coming posts.


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