Call for artists: Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk

Chicago Artists Month 2009Chicago Artists Month

I’m again planning the Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk during October, Chicago Artsits Month (see Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk is here!), and like last year I could use the help of readers to bring to our attention Logan Square visual artists who may not have participated last year.  If you know, let us know how to reach them via a website or gallery. (If you only have personal contact information, please direct them to this site and ask them to initiate the contact.)  Even if they ultimately don’t participate, I’m sure they would love to have people know of their work and that people would love to know about them as well.


One Response to Call for artists: Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk

  1. Artists: If you are interested and would like to leave personal contact information for me without sharing it publicly, please start your comment with “CAM.” This will trigger your comment to be moderated, and I will not disclose your personal information. Unless you put an email address in the body of your comment, your email address is always hidden from public view. ~ Lynn

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