Scene in Logan Square: House & Garden Walk

2500 block Bernard Street.php

Logan Square Preservation House & Garden Walk takes place this Saturday, September 12, from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., centered around the original Kimbell (as in the incorrectly spelled Kimball Avenue) farm.

This year’s House Walk features 3 churches and 10 homes — most of them on what I consider to be one of the “Best blocks in Logan Square.”

inlaid floorLogan Square neighbors have once again generously opened their doors and unlocked the garden gates to allow others to sneak a peak inside (see photo right).

Each year, of the hundreds of folks who participate, about half come from outside the neighborhood, from the suburbs, even from out of state.  It’s a perfect opportunity to better acquaint your friends and family with where you live.

And if you’re bringing friends and family to the House Walk — introducing them to the neighborhood for the first time or renewing their acquaintance with Logan Square — be sure to stop for lunch at a neighborhood spot like Café Bella at 3311 W. Fullerton Avenue or recap what you learned and liked over dinner and/or a margarita at the nearby Fonda del Mar at 3749 W. Fullerton Avenue, where the patio remains open for your relaxation.


2 Responses to Scene in Logan Square: House & Garden Walk

  1. jen says:

    I have a few questions about the walk, but I am not sure who to ask. Have you been before? Do you know if it lasts from 10-5pm and if we have to stay the whole time? I would like to do this, but only if it lasted for a couple of hours. I don’t have 7 hours of my weekend to devote to this, much as I’d like! Thanks!

    • jen and others: You should be able to do the House Walk in under 3 hours. I wouldn’t recommend going later than 2:30, so you can fit it all in. You do the route at your own pace, but within the houses you’re guided by docents. You also can skip one or two houses/churches if you’re pressed for time. ~ Lynn

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