Hypothetical Milwaukee Avenue development: Scenario 3

Here’s yet another possible development scenario for Milwaukee Avenue (click on image for slightly larger and clearer view).

Like the others, I’d like to hear what you think of its potential if it were to replace an empty lot or an ugly, historically insignificant building.

Scenario 3 marked up AHypothetical Milwaukee Avenue Development:
Scenario 3

As with Scenario 1 and Scenario 2, Milwaukee Avenue is on the right.  Again, there is an accessible green roof proposed, and there is a park proposed at the intersection with the side street to the left, this time in the form of a skate park.  Surface level parking is proposed in the rear half of the building under the upper levels of the building.

Could you see this type of building along Milwaukee Avenue?  Or can you think of something more appropriate?  What’s good about it?  How would you improve on it?

What uses would you like to see in such a building:  residential?  retail?  office?  institutional?

Is a skate park appropropriate along Milwaukee Avenue?

How does it compare to Scenario 1 and Scenario 2?

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One Response to Hypothetical Milwaukee Avenue development: Scenario 3

  1. Alex Huebner says:

    I really enjoyed the workshop and I am glad that you are doing follow up. My only problem with the event was that the last meeting ended rather quickly and that the attendee’s did not have an opportunity to really discuss what had been presented by the panelists. It would be fantastic if you could actually host a public forum to get people discussing the the outcome of the results.

    Alex: Maybe a forum could be held after the results of the workshops are published. In the meantime, please add to the discussion here. ~ Lynn

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