Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk 2009

Yes, it’s back.

Pick up a hot cider at New Wave Coffee or coffee at Café con Leche and take a stroll down Milwaukee Avenue between Logan Boulevard and Diversey Avenue to see the work of Logan Square artists and art about Logan Square on display in the storefront windows now through October 26.

While you’re there, take a look at what’s new on Milwaukee Avenue, and please let the business owners know that you appreciate their participation in events like this.

My thanks go out to all the artists, businesses and property owners for their participation.  And thanks also to Logan Square neighbor Erica Sims for helping me hang the art.

This year’s Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk starts small in size and ends in, well, “atmospheric” proportions, with much variety in between.  Here’s where you’ll find the art this year:


"Descending" by Dan Zamudio

  • 2624 – “Descending” and “Lake Street” by Dan Zamudio 
  • 2630 – “Drift or Die Trying” by Lindsey Meyers
  • 2634 – “Odyssey” and “Anatomy of a Dream” by Scott Bullock
  • 2640 – “Self Portrait as a Dung Beetle” by Gabriel Patti
"Palmer Wind" by Sharon Hoogstraten

"Palmer Wind" by Sharon Hoogstraten

"I'm Gonna Walk Again" by Josh Crow

"I'm Gonna Walk Again" by Josh Crow

  • 2645 – “I’m Gonna Walk Again” by Josh Crow
  • 2653 – “Reclining Shoes” by Ronit Mitchell
  • 2658 – “Coffee Shop Staff” and “Longing” by Vanessa Shinmoto
  • 2710 – “nite time snack,” “preparation,” and “guy time” by Jennifer Hines
  • 2725 – “Landscape Mannequin” and “Lucky Scarab Beetle” by Ronit Mitchell
No Beginning or End crop

"No Beginning or End" (section) by Monica Rezman

  • 2725 – “No Beginning or End” by Monica Rezman
  • 2734 – “Café con Leche” by Julie Sulzen
  • 2741 – “Brotherly Love” by Lindsey Meyers
  • 2741 – “Flowers” by Julie Sulzen
  • 2767 – “Hanging Out” by Vanessa Shinmoto
  • 2778 – “Atmosphere” by Sarah deHebreard

Enjoy!  Please share your impressions.  Did you learn anything new about Milwaukee Avenue?


One Response to Milwaukee Avenue Art Walk 2009

  1. We went up Milwaukee Ave Sunday to check out the artwork. As suggested, we had coffee in hand and enjoyed the stroll. Such a great idea!

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