Logan Square Literary Review: read it! write for it!

On newsstands now!

The inaugural issue of the Logan Square Literary Review (LSLR) is now available at these fine Logan Square establishments:  Wolfbait & B-girls at 3131 W. Logan Boulevard and G-Mart Comic Books at 2641 N. Kedzie Avenue.

The Logan Square Literary Review, started by its editor and Logan Square resident, Daniel Majid, is a not-for-profit journal of … well, words, printed matter, learning fit for human consumption.  Not some highfalutin tome exclusive to the literati, but a journal of expression accessible to the simply literate.

Submissions wanted

The journal is comprised entirely of “works” from the public, and submissions for the next quarterly issue are currently being accepted (through 2009).

Submissions could be poetry or prose, what you might traditionally think of as contained in a journal of literature.

But the LSLR strives to be more. 

Are you an aspiring dramatist?  Submit a play.  Fancy yourself a critic (who doesn’t)?  Write a book, play, or classic movie review.  Do you tinker with musical composition?  Get your sheet music published so others can hear the music.  Share your recipe so others can taste the goodness.  Pen a joke or a riddle.  Have any idea you’ve been wanting to express?  Put it into words and submit it.  Have a knack for explaining how things work?  for metaphor?  for imagery?  All, and more, are acceptable and coveted submissions.

The Logan Square Literary Review aims nobly to facilitate your expression and contribute to the thriving community of ideas that is Logan Square.


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