Under construction: Longman & Eagle

Eat, drink, and be merry, then sleep

When I read last week about “Logan Square’s New Place to Eat and Drink (and Sleep),” a combination eating and drinking and inn establishment conceived of by the folks at The Empty Bottle, I wondered where it could be.  For a moment I considered the location of the former Winds Café at 2657 N. Kedzie Avenue (also see And another one gone), then dismissed the thought, but it kept persisting. 

Construction on the building continued, and not just on the first floor where The Winds Café had been and where you would expect to find a replacement bar or restaurant.  I knew the building itself was for sale.  I thought it odd that as part of the renovations the upper floor was painted white, distinguishing it from the first floor (photo below), especially if the upper floor was just to continue in its previous use as an apartment.

Future Longman & Eagle in Logan Square

Then the posters in the window went up for Longman & Eagle, with no explanation, no hint of what was to come.  But, with an assist, the folks at Time Out Chicago sleuthed together the pieces.  Longman & Eagle appears to be the new place to eat, drink and sleep in Logan Square. 

The eagle reference is an obvious nod to the eagle on the Illinois Centennial Monument.  And I gather that Longman is an nod of equal standing to its sculptor, Evelyn Longman, with perhaps a subtle nod to the burgeoning arts community in Logan Square.

Way cool!  I’m looking forward to seeing the concept reveal itself.

Update:  Longman & Eagle opens for business

Winter diversions in Logan Square:

Dill Pickle Food Co-op Grand Opening: Saturday, December 12; a variety of activities at various locations from 11:30 a.m. until ????

2 Responses to Under construction: Longman & Eagle

  1. Andre says:

    This is outstanding. I can’t wait to see how it’s all put together. It would be great to have a hotel/B&B in the neighborhood.

    It would fill a need. Of course, much depends on the innkeeper. ~ Lynn

  2. payton says:

    yep, I was wondering what the oddly typeset “Longman & Eagle” poster next to the video exchange (outside Johnny’s) meant. a Google search led me to EveryBlock, where they’d applied for an incidental liquor license.

    the inn concept reminds me of the small McMenamins hotels, like the White Eagle in PDX.

    payton: I’m not familiar with their hotels, but I’ve been to a couple of their pubs.

    For others’ benefit: they are known for re-purposing schools, firehouses, etc. to create a unique pub experience. We could use one (or another entrepreneur’s take on it) in Logan Square. ~ Lynn

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