Snow patrol

Who to credit?

I’m not sure who to credit for the consistent clearing of snow from the Emmett Street sidewalk in front of the Emmett Street parking lot (photo below left), the city or LAZ Parking/Chicago Parking Meters, LLC (CPM, LLC).  But it pleases me.  I imagine LAZ/CPM, LLC is responsible for keeping the area around the main pay box (photo below right) and

the lot itself and the various vehicle access points clear of snow (photos above).

Who to blame?

If LAZ/CPM, LLC is to be credited with keeping vehicle access points clear, it is to blame for not clearing, and in fact worsening pedestrian access by blocking it with snow storage (photo below left).  The city too must share blame for impeding pedestrian access.  While the CTA has cleared a pedestrian path up to the alley (photo below right), the city does not clear alleys of snow, even one that provides pedestrian access to a major transit hub.  And if the city does not, LAZ/CPM, LLC should.  After all, drivers become pedestrians when they exit their cars in order to reach their destinations.

In the interest of accommodating its customers, I hope LAZ/CPM, LLC will also learn to keep clear a pedestrian path that is the shortest distance from Milwaukee Avenue to Emmett Street through the parking lot.  During our last snow fall, plows blocked this pedestrian shortcut with snow storage (photo above left).  Later in the day a neighbor cleared a path for folks to pass through (photo above right).

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