Nothin’ Less than delightful

Nothin’ less than inviting.
Nothin’ less than comfortable.
Nothin’ less than refreshing.

That’s my first impression of Nothin’ Less, Logan Square’s newest coffee shop that quietly opened its doors on Thursday at 2642 N. Milwaukee Avenue.

The premise, near to my heart, is nothin’ less
than “around the world.”  The owner, Elena Martiniuc, is Russian, her husband Lithuanian, the baristas I’ve seen are Morrocan and American, the baked goods are Georgian and Austrian, and coffees come from the far coffee-planting corners of the earth.

Elena has put a lot of love and care into the business, and it delights at every turn, from
everything coffee on the walls to puzzle books for patrons, chocolate pudding drinks, triple espresso shots, the fireplace ready for a still chill spring day, parfaits, honey-laced avocado smoothies, or your’s made to order from a variety of fresh fruit, syrups and spices, coffee bean centerpieces, panini, breakfast sandwiches, and on and on.

There are plenty of opportunities to try Nothin’ Less as it opens early at 6:00 a.m. and closes late-ish at 10:30-ish p.m.  And Wi-Fi is coming soon.  Don’t be surprised if it becomes nothin’ less than your new favorite “third place.” (For more on third places, see Scene in Logan Square:  Logan Square Farmers Market and 2009 New Business of the Year.)

 Spring diversions in Logan Square:

Money Smart Week Chicago events at the Logan Square library, 3030 W. Fullerton Ave:

Misconceptions about Bankruptcy:  Thursday, April 22 at 6:30 p.m.; information on credit and debt management.

A Practical Guide to Budgeting and Getting to Know Your Credit:  Saturday, April 24 at 1:00 p.m.

One Response to Nothin’ Less than delightful

  1. Carter says:

    hey Lynn, I went there this morning solely due to your post, I had an hour to kill, and of course it would be on a day Lula isn’t open. Very relaxing place, and Elena is super nice. I did make sure to give you credit!

    Glad to hear it Carter. As I’m not a coffee drinker, I’m curious how you found the coffee. ~ Lynn

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