On location on Milwaukee Avenue

You may have done a double take a couple weeks ago if you saw the movie poster advertising the 1999 film, “Eyes Wide Shut,” or the one for Brigitte Bardot’s 1963 movie, “Le Mépris” (photo left).  Perhaps you were concerned that the Logan Theater was becoming a less than second run theater, if that’s even possible in the age of movies on-demand.

Fret not.  A movie crew was on location on the 2600 block of Milwaukee Avenue to film “Animal,” a 35 mm short creation about a “sex-driven love triangle” by a Columbia College Chicago team for Special Studies: Cinematography II class. 

This course is designed to acquaint students with the role of the cinematographer in the motion picture, emphasizing creation of the visual concept of the movie, problems of style, and design and arrangement in connection with the choice of creative techniques. This course also deals with the color structure of the motion picture.

I believe Phil Sheldon is the name of the student whose project the film is, written and directed by another student, Rico Grillo, with various other Columbia College Chicago students in the act of recording, lighting, etc.

They filmed a scene inside the lobby of theater patrons leaving the show, only to come outside and, …wait for it…

Columbia College Chicago Students Filming
at the Logan Theater on Milwaukee Avenue

…get mugged!

Columbia College Chicago Students Filming
on Milwaukee Avenue

A chase ensues. It’s uncertain whether or not the mugger is caught, or whether the scene will make the final cut.


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