Summer comings and no-goings


Opening up next to New Wave Coffee will be a toy store for the neighborhood, called Play.  Reader/commenter Carter noted the need for a toy store back in 2008.  This one certainly looks playful with the sparkly jack on its sign.

Play, Coming Soon to Logan Square

La Boulangerie

Another summer-scheduled opening in the same building — Sacré Beurre! — is La Boulangerie, a bakery/crêperie from the folks at Cook au Vin.  They’ve been cooking up their crêpes, both savory and sweet, at the Logan Square Farmers Market for a couple of years at least; they cater; they teach you how to cook; but this café promises yet another way to experience their talents, and yet another third place for the neighborhood.

What La Boulangerie Could Look Like
on Milwaukee Avenue

From the rendering it looks like they plan to utilize the old monstrosity of a sign on the corner.  Ugh!  Perhaps we can convince them that it is decidedly not the “traditional, 19th century French” look they’re going for.

Sour grapes

One business that’s a no-go, at least on the 2600 block of Milwaukee Avenue, is Uva Spa and Wine Boutique.

The concept, a spa using grape seed oil products (uva is Spanish for grape) with a wine boutique, had planned to locate at 2630 N. Milwaukee Avenue (photo, left), which has been vacant since The Pump Room Boutique closed down in 2007.  They were, however, squashed by zoning issues and are now looking to pair with a different location.  

Spring diversions elsewhere

Urban Decay/Urban Renewal:  Chicago Center for Literature & Photography’s first themed literary event takes place Friday, May 28, 8:00 p.m. at the Op Shop, 1530 E. 53rd St. in Hyde Park; BYOB!

3 Responses to Summer comings and no-goings

  1. Lourdes C Arencibia says:

    Zoning issues – Really!!?? We have a million dollar stores on Milwaukee Avenue alone but we give a potentially new interesting business trouble because of zoning issues. This is exactly part of the reason why this city is losing businesses left and right.

    Lourdes: I didn’t talk to the business owner directly, but heard through the property owner. Something about the spa concept and the city classifying them with “massage parlors” and what they might represent.

    Overall I do sense from small businesses a growing frustration with the city from zoning, licensing issues and of course the parking lease. ~ Lynn

  2. Drew says:

    What is the story with the new blue slate going in on Milwaukee, just down from the Rocking Horse?

    Drew: I spoke with a contractor at the building (2529 N. Milwaukee). He said they were just improving the facade to prepare it for an eventual tenant. You’d think such a unique facade treatment would be specific to a particular tenant, but there’s still a large “for lease” sign up. He noted he thought they just wanted something different. They achieved it. ~ Lynn

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