Invitation to NeoCon attendees: Get a taste of Logan Square!

NeoCon is where the design world comes together – three days of pure energy, bursting with new thinking, new resources, and new products.” 

It takes place next week at the Merchandise Mart, but Metropolis magazine is giving attendees a nudge and a guide to expand their new thinking with new resources and new dining “products,” to get out of downtown and into the neighborhoods, with its Taste of the Town dining guide. 

The guide runs the gamut from haute cuisine to hot dog stands and dive bars. 

While not given top billing, Logan Square is represented:

For lunch, Metropolis suggests:

  •  the new American cuisine of Lula Café (top photo); 

and for dinner, Metropolis suggests:

Apparently Metropolis was overwhelmed by the drink options in Logan Square since none made their list.

I can think of others that the list should have included, how about you?

Let’s expand the list and invite attendees to taste Logan Square.  (Be expansive; feel free to include places technically outside of community/neighborhood boundaries, but typically thought of as Logan Square.)

And for this crowd, think decor and concept as well as cuisine.

Might I suggest a comment such as:

“Might we suggest ____ for lunch/dinner/drinks.  The design of its ____ is particularly noteworthy, and its ____ is not to be missed,” or…,
well, you get the idea.


3 Responses to Invitation to NeoCon attendees: Get a taste of Logan Square!

  1. Drew says:

    The Whistler for mixed drinks. 90 Miles for the feeling that you are in different country in the city. I would still take Urban Belly over the Belly Shack. For coffee, and a splash of the 80’s, go to New Wave. For the best burgers in town, Kuma’s. Revolution has a good decor and good food, not to mention the hottest micro-brew in the city.

    • Great suggestions Drew! Let me expand for those unfamiliar: The current Gin-Gin Mule on the Whistler’s cocktail menu sounds good (as I enjoy a good Moscow Mule); 90 miles patio is great; Urban Belly (same owners as Belly Shack) has a communal table for a different dining experience; New Wave Coffee has regular art exhibits and will have photography on the walls during NeoCon; check out Kuma’s Corner’s bathrooms while you’re there; paired with delicious mussels in hard cider on a recent Revolution Brewing visit I had a refreshing summer beer with an apricot note (don’t remember the name – sorry). ~ Lynn

  2. Whistler definitely rocks for mixed drinks. For a more low key libations and a pool table, hit Cole’s. The bar also hosts monthly exhibitions of local artists.

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