“Best of” closest to the square

A day after my last post the Chicago Reader came out with its “Best of Chicago 2010” issue.  The accidental theme of the issue is “street smarts.”  Though, am I lacking them because I found it a bit cumbersome to find the Logan Square gems in this, the third annual, issue?  No fears; they are there.

“Best of” in Logan Square

In 2008, the “Best of” in Logan Square  was a fairly traditional list of categories while 2009’s “Best of” in Logan Square was a bit quirkier.  And this year’s is a mixture of both. 

I want to highlight those that are relevant to this blog’s geographic focus:

Lula Café resurfaces, chosen in the readers’ poll in the more traditional category of Best Brunch of 2010.

Lula Café on Kedzie Boulevard
in Logan Square

And newcomer Longman & Eagle continues its year of accolades as the readers’ choice for Best New Restaurant of 2010…,

runner-up for Best Bourbon Selection…,

runner-up for Best New Bar (also see Next we conquer the world! ).

Longman & Eagle on Kedzie Boulevard
in Logan Square

Finally, in the beyond quirky category of Best Place to Get Hopped Up on Caffeine and Play Mike Tyson’s Punch-out!! 2010, the Reader picked New Wave Coffee! (adding to its “Best new coffee shop to write a paper in while listening to good music” honor [see Mo’ best Logan Square]).

New Wave Coffee on Milwaukee Avenue

I don’t think any of these honored is a surprise to those of us who live in the area.  Congratulations for the recognition is in order though.  Thanks for making Logan Square great!

Summer diversions in Logan Square:

Art in the Park:  Experience live painting Saturday, July 17, from 10:00 a.m. –
3:00 p.m. at Unity Park, 2636 N. Kimball Ave.; while they last: a free canvas and paint (or bring your own), food and music, all you need to create a piece to display in the upcoming Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival; registration requested (email info at unityparkchicago dot-org).

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