Emmett Street parking lot maintenance

LAZ Parking/Chicago Parking Meters, LLC (CPM, LLC) will be repairing potholes and other bumps in the road, re-paving and re-striping the Emmett Street parking lot the week beginning Monday, August 30.  These are some of the issues I previously wrote about in The 3 P’s of Parking (Part I) regarding the product offering.  And hats off to LAZ Parking/CPM, LLC as they address these issues before they become major concerns. 

Preparing for Maintenance at the
Emmett St. Parking Lot

Initially signs were posted (you can see a remnant of the former sign at the bottom of the photo above) indicating the plan was to close down the entire lot for the entire week.  However, in deference to the needs of the clients of DaVita Logan Square Dialysis (2659 N. Milwaukee Avenue), the work will be completed in two parts, south then north.  

This works out better for monthly parkers too, both in terms of actual parking and in terms of reduced hassle.  I can just imagine the confusion that would have come of parkers being “given a pro-rated rate for the following month.”  In September for two days of August?  Again in October for four days of September?   

South end

At the south end, roughly south of the abandoned attendant station and nearest the CTA station, the lot will be closed for maintenance from Monday, August 30, to Friday, September 3, at 5:00 a.m. 

I-GO and Zipcar car-share cars will find temporary homes on the north end of the lot, so if you reserve a car, be prepared to do a little hunting for it during these days.  

North end

The north end of the lot, north of the abandoned attendant station, will be closed for maintenance from Friday, September 3, to Sunday, September 5, at 5:00 a.m. 

The north entrance from the alley will also be closed in this time period, but you can still access the lot from Emmett Street. 

Handicapped parking

As part of the re-striping, additional handicapped parking will be added as required by city code.  The city wasn’t concerned about this when it was managing the parking lot, but then it wasn’t concerned about shoveling snow from the sidewalks either.  Since the LAZ Parking/CPM, LLC takeover, Snow patrol has been much improved. 

There are currently only a couple of handicapped spaces just south of the Emmett Street entrance and pay box.  Additional handicapped spaces will likely be placed nearest to the other two pay boxes. 

Other maintenance

Additional maintenance issues, such as fence repair and doing something with the abandoned attendant station, may come at a future date, but not as a part of this scheduled maintenance. 

Other questions

If you have any additional questions regarding the upcoming lot maintenance, don’t call the number on the posted sign.  It doesn’t work.  A call to that number will be met with a request for an access code that isn’t provided.  It appears that the number posted should have instead been an 877- number.  

You can call Kevin O’Hara, contract liaison for LAZ Parking, at 312-780-0057 x1016 if you have questions regarding this scheduled maintenance.  To keep track of any future events, find parking lots or a monthly parking pass application, you can visit CPM, LLC’s webpage for Monthly Parking options. 

Summer diversions in Logan Square: 

Dome of Doom: march to the music of Environmental Encroachment and to Unity Park for an all ages costume party and participatory dance battle based on James Kennedy’s The Order of Odd-Fish on Sunday, August 22, starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Logan Square monument; wear a costume or prepare to be costumed on the spot! 


 followed by… 


Movies in the Park: 

“Where the Wild Things Are”
at Unity Park August 22


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