Nature’s own crosswalk “sting”

With each of the strong downpours we’ve had this summer, nature has conspired to keep pedestrians between the crosswalk lines at the corner of Milwaukee and Kedzie Avenues.  Mother Nature (combined with man-made infrastructure of course) seemed not only bent on controlling pedestrians, but decidedly anti-transit too (photos below).

Milwaukee Ave. Crosswalk West
of Kedzie Ave.

Stray outside the lines at your own soggy peril.

Kedzie Ave. Crosswalk South
of Milwaukee Ave.

For perspective and some historic context on crosswalks and the notion of jaywalking, see Planning Pool’s The Criminal Act We Call JaywalkingSlate’s “In Defense of Jaywalking,” [Update:]  and Fast Company Co.Design’s Clever Crosswalk Squashes Jaywalking, by Making it Legal (via Planetizen).


Fall diversions in Logan Square:

Bike light enforcement and distribution:  Tuesday, September 7, [Update] 7:30 6:30 – 9:30 10:00 p.m. at the Milwaukee-Diversey-Kimball intersection


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