Logan Square public plaza planning continues

In preparation for a November 18 planning meeting, the site of the future Logan Square open space at the southwest corner of Logan Boulevard and Milwaukee Avenue has been marked with spray paint to give folks a sense of the site’s constraints and the layout of the current proposal for a plaza and orchard on the space (also see Here’s why the orchard proposal doesn’t work, and some alternatives).

The required 12 foot setback from the CTA/mural is marked (photo above), as is the southern boundary of the site so to distinguish it from where the MegaMall parking lot begins (photo left).

The general idea of how much of the roadway could be reclaimed (no matter what the final product may be) is also marked out (photo below).

There is an expressed desire by the city to keep the November 18 meeting a “manageable” size, so the meeting has not been publicized widely.  Bad idea, in my opinion.  However, if you would like to attend, contact Nelson Chueng at nelson dot-chueng at cityofchicago dot-org to see if he can accommodate you.

For those planning to attend the meeting, Nelson does encourage you to go take a look at the site and consider its size, sounds, views, and how it might best be designed and programmed.  You might want to take a copy of the current concept along to help make sense of the markings.  And for the sake of good planning, please don’t limit your imagination to the current proposal.


4 Responses to Logan Square public plaza planning continues

  1. Steven Vance says:

    Why is the setback required? And if it is, how come there’s “something” (asphalt) there right now?

    Steven: The CTA requires a 12 foot setback to maintain access. It was likely a requirement of the sale. ~ Lynn

  2. jason says:

    I couldn’t make it last night, I presume you will be providing a recap?

  3. Steven Vance says:

    The thing I like best about this idea is squaring off the intersection and removing the pointless high-radius, right-turn curve.

    I like the idea of the orchard, but I don’t like the idea of closing off space.

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