Logan Square’s pop-ular

Offbeat pop culture magazine Nylon takes “the pulse of the most exciting cities in the nation” in its November issue.   Of course Chicago is included.  Not just Chicago, but “the real Chicago:”

…like Logan Square, where artists shop for breakfast radishes at the weekend farmers market and knock back a couple of Van Winkle whiskeys at the gastropub on the corner after work.

The Chicago feature includes about 14 elements of note, and there are 6 (six!) mentions of Logan Square or neighboring Avondale attractions:

 It’s official:  we’re pop-ular.


Holiday diversions in Logan Square

CTA Holiday Train: Santa rolls through Logan Square Thursday, December 2 at 4:30 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.; Santa returns Friday and Saturday, December 3-4; check the CTA’s website for precise times.


2 Responses to Logan Square’s pop-ular

  1. amberwrites says:

    I’m glad I moved to the reaallll Chicago.

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