Logan Square’s the soul of your favorite city

Milwaukee Ave. in Logan Square

Fresh on the heals of Nylon‘s discovery of the real Chicago in our neighborhood, it’s MSN’s turn to also “re:discover | The soul of your favorite cities” in Logan Square, and also, again, in the neighboring community of Avondale.

From its landmark skyline to the hard-scrabble streets of its dynamic neighborhoods, the people of Chicago are growing transformative businesses, creating a cultural resurgence and redefining what makes this city work.

Michelle Garcia of Bleeding Heart Bakery, and Logan Square resident and Metropolis Coffee delivery driver Johnny Loftus talk “Cupcakes and Coffee,” and macaroni and cheese, which is recognized as a stand out dish at both Kuma’s Corner and Pork Shoppe.  They share that Cozy Corner is where “everyone in Logan goes,” and enjoy Café Mustache as an example of  how Chicagoans “stay true to…who we are.”

Café Mustache on Milwaukee Ave.

Meanwhile, Groupon’s “king of coupons” Andrew Mason and Logan Square resident and “button maven” Christen Carter of Busy Beaver Button Company talk “Back to Business.”  They note that the folks at Lula Café are “passionate about what they do,” point out “mixology bar” The Whistler, and talk about Logan Square favorites like My Pie and Irazú.

Lula Café in Logan Square

Click on the video links here, here and here to catch a glimpse of other Logan Square notables new and old, high- and low-brow all.

(HT Busy Beaver.)


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