Save the Logan Square Farmers Market

Public Hearing today!

If you’re able, please attend the Hearing to support the Logan Square Farmers Market. 

The main meeting details page shows 42 items on the agenda, none of which is the Hearing, but the link to the agenda shows the Hearing on the objection up first at 12:00 noon, so take your lunch hour at City Hall if you can.

Aldermen all over the city routinely introduce legislation to permit and request waivers of various permit and licensing fees for special community events like the Farmers Market (link to click on published agenda, see pages 2-8 for examples), but this year the alderman has failed to even introduce the necessary legislation to permit this year’s Farmers Market to take place.  He has filed a formal objection to the Farmers Market that will be heard at today’s Hearing before the Special Events and Cultural Affairs Committee, a committee on which he sits.


2 Responses to Save the Logan Square Farmers Market

  1. Dre says:

    What was the outcome of this? Anyone know?

    Dre: Here’s an update. Perhaps in response to the large turnout at City Hall, the alderman withdrew his opposition to the permit thus cancelling the need for a hearing and shutting down any opportunity for the public to speak to the issue on record. So, it appears that the Farmers Market will be able to get its permit. The next issue at hand is whether the alderman will, as he has in past years, introduce the ordinance or order to waive the various fees. ~ Lynn

  2. Gino says:

    I would hope that Colon would not try to discontinue the Logan Square farmers’ market in the future. That could be political suicide for him because the Logan Square community supports that farmers’ market rather faithfully. One would only have to go through that market when it’s open to see how filled it is with customers. A disruption to that kind of commerce regardless of his (Colon) disapproval of the executive director of the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce supporting his opponent during the February election is wrong. The mantra should be along the lines of building up the community, not dismantling it.

    Well said Gino; I agree. It’s such a wonderful community gathering place. ~ Lynn

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