Good things come in threes

In celebration of the third anniversary of my blog this week, a few local businesses have contributed gifts for some lucky (and engaged) readers:

El Cid t-shirts – one shirt for each of three people.  You can state a preference for one or the other of these, but which one you receive will ultimately depend on your size requirements and availability (update:  one to Eric on Thursday, second to Colin on Sunday, third to Carter on Tuesday).

Three G-Mart Comic Books comic b ooks. Herc #1 that reboots the tale of a now powerless Hercules; Fear Itself Book One where the ancient evil hidden away by Thor’s father is unearthed; and Prelude to Schism that sets up the the X-men’s new home under the leadership of Cyclops (update:  gone to cindyetta on Friday).

Three La Boulangerie croissants. Not one, not a dozen, but three buttery croissants (update:  gone to “mig” on Wednesday).

Three $3 whiskey shot tokens from Longman & Eagle. These are the tokens they offer their out-of-town guests at the inn, but are willing to share with a lucky neighbor (update:  gone to Colin on Monday).  (Because it may not go without saying, recipient must be 21.)

Three Mad Libs books from Play. Whether on vacation, at a party or the backyard barbeque, amuse yourself and your friends with “A super silly way to fill in the ________!” (update:  also gone to cindyetta on Saturday).

Here’s how the giveaway is going to work:

Starting now, comment on/carry on a conversation about (through multiple comments and responses to others’ comments) Peopling Places posts of the past three months (March, April, May) (except this one). (Please be sure to use the same name and email with each comment; the email address must also be valid.) 

The first drawing will be Wednesday, May 18, 7:00 p.m. (CDT) (that’s three days from now) when I will randomly select one of the above gifts.   For each of the three days prior that you add to the conversation I will add your name to a list (yes, that means multiple opportunities), from which I will randomly select the gift recipient.  On the same basis, I will continue a drawing a day at 7:00 p.m. until all the gifts are gone (yes, that means some multiple opportunities for even the same comment!).

I’m looking forward to the conversations.


3 Responses to Good things come in threes

  1. lety says:

    ooooh… i’m glad i’m 21 (hint hint wink wink)

    lety: I get the hint, but can do nothing with it. You’ve got to (hint hint) read how the giveaway works. ~ Lynn

  2. cindyetta says:

    I’ve never commented on your blog – so this was clearly an effective way to encourage that. I do, however, check your blog for updates with embarrassing frequency.

    Certainly, from my perspective, there’s nothing embarrassing about that. 🙂 . ~ Lynn

  3. Joshua says:

    Love your blog Lynn. Great source for thoughtful commentary on logan square news and developments.

    You’ve mentioned how the blanks walls of big box stores have a chilling effect on foot traffic. Makes me wonder how the Mega Mall came to emulate one. Any thoughts on how it could be made more inviting?

    Thanks Joshua. You can see on the wall of the Mega Mall a variety of doors and windows that have been bricked in or otherwise eliminated, creating a blank wall. I wish I knew all that used to be behind the dryvit and concrete block facades that have been put up over recent years. A simple fix would be to open up some of the doors, as it would draw people into the place. I don’t, however, think we’ll see much in the way of any improvements until pending litigation is resolved. ~ Lynn

    P.S: If you want in on the gifts, please comment on any March, April or May post “except this one.”