Kedzie Avenue bike lanes and sharrows

They’ve been up for a month now.  How do you like the new Kedzie Avenue bike lanes courtesy of a Federally funded city-wide bike lane installation project?

Everyone who uses Kedzie Avenue here will have to make the necessary adjustments, and so far, so good from what I’ve seen.

For those unfamiliar with the markings, the solid lines with the bike stencil and solid, single arrow (photo below right) designate bike lanes dedicated to bicyclists.  Motor vehicles must not cross the solid line.  Bicyclists must travel in the direction of the arrow.

The dotted line delineates the area where cross traffic can cross the bicycle lane, and the bike stencil with two chevrons above it–otherwise known as a “sharrow” or shared lane marking (photo below left)–indicates where cyclists and motorists must share the road.







If you’re curious about the process, see the photos below.  First they mark and paint the lane markings.  Then they mark where the stencils will go, and roll out a bit of rubber cement.  The thermoplastic stencils are carefully pieced together on the rubber cement and finally sealed to the pavement with heat torches.

Scene in Logan Square:

Unity Park Advisory Council’s Art in the Park:  Get painterly Saturday, July 23, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. in Unity Park at the corner of Kimball and Schubert Avenues.


5 Responses to Kedzie Avenue bike lanes and sharrows

  1. Dre says:

    i love the new bike lanes! we need more!

  2. Carter says:

    they are excellent, especially as traffic headed south from Belmont is sort of in a wild-west mode due to the insanity of the Belmont/Kedzie intersection.

    but best part to date has been a massive reduction in double-parking abuse outside of A-Karrasel, I go by there every day and am floored.

    Carter: It does seem better, but I’m still seeing the double parking there, and across the street too for the rental car place, and a food truck in the mornings. ~ Lynn

  3. jack says:

    How far south do the bike lanes extend?

    jack: I believe they only go from Barry south to Milwaukee. South of that Kedzie becomes a boulevard that sadly now has legal sanction to be used as a parking lot instead. ~ Lynn

  4. Jeff H says:

    Love them. Keep ’em coming.

    South of the monument doesn’t bother me. I prefer the interior lane of the boulevard, which to me seems like the optimal bike lane scenario.

    • It’s important to view the bike lanes as networks and connections though. There is a bike lane on Kedzie south of the newly sanctioned parking lot, so now they just don’t connect.

      And you can’t put a dedicated bike lane in the service (interior) lanes because then people would not be able to drive and park there where the sidewalks are. ~ Lynn

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