Logan Square in Vogue


In its “Destination of the Month: Chicago” article, Vogue.com singles out Logan Square as “Another Happening ‘Hood.”

Highlighted are Longman & Eagle, newcomer Telegraph, perennial favorite Lula Café and, a little bit down the avenue, The Whistler.

The nation is taking notice.

(HT @johna_picco.)


4 Responses to Logan Square in Vogue

  1. burrito says:

    get ready for your rent to go up!

  2. amycanary says:

    How neat! I just bought a house in LS and am loving it!! Thanks for posting this.

    Welcome to the neighborhood Amy. There’s lots to love. ~ Lynn

  3. alf says:

    Yes, it’s nice, but October seems pretty empty without the Red Moon Theatre spectacle that was axed back in 2003. Perhaps it can be done again?

  4. Logan Square Restaurant, Logan Square Buffet,Buffet Chicago…

    […]Logan Square in Vogue « Peopling Places[…]…

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