Public meeting August 25 re: Logan Square “el” station “plaza”/surroundings

It’s all been in preparation for this:

There will be a public meeting to discuss plans to improve the Logan Square “el” station plaza and surroundings on Thursday, August 25, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at St. Sylvester’s gymnasium, 2157 N. Humboldt Boulevard.

Concrete “Plaza” at the Logan Square “el” Station

I’ve been part of a group, BikeWalk Logan Square [update: f.k.a. Bike/Walk 35], that has been discussing biking and walking issues in the neighborhood, and there are many.  Because there are so many, we decided to hone in on a specific project:  improving the multi-modal Logan Square transportation station and access to it.

We’ve come up with some ideas, but they are absolutely not set in stone.  We want the community’s input and ideas.  Even execution of some of our ideas are flexible by design, so that all may have the ability to judge how they may work.

Come see and say what you think about our ideas and design drawings that reflect increased bike parking, improved pedestrian access and better placemaking.

You’re welcome to keep ideas and images flowing in advance of the meeting here and/or here.


3 Responses to Public meeting August 25 re: Logan Square “el” station “plaza”/surroundings

  1. Jeff H says:

    Kudos to whomever is pushing this issue.

    There are some excellent ideas being circulated at the provided links. I just want to flag that the Logan Square Open Space Plan addresses the area immediately to the south around the Centennial Monument, which has equally perilous access from nearly every direction. It seems to me that looking at the areas together, rather than apart would create the ability to envision a more comprehensive plan for an important, visible and historic location, that happens to be unnecessarily dangerous for pedestrians and bikers.

    One last comment, why is the meeting being held so far from the site? I suggest a follow up meeting closer to the square and intersection to get the input of more people that are affected.

    Jeff: I’m not sure why it’s being held so far away. The original meeting location was small, but close by. ~ Lynn

    • Jeff H says:

      What is the City’s role in this meeting? Is the idea to come up with a plan to present to the City, or will the CDOT be part of the discussion on the 25th?

      Thanks. jh

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