Vision Driving Development report

April 22, 2010

Vision Driving Development:  Logan Square Corridor Development Initiative is now available.  This report is the culmination of last summer’s workshops led by the Metropolitan Planning Council with Logan Square neighbors considering future development along Milwaukee Avenue.

I wrote about some of the issues back then (see Hypothetical Milwaukee Avenue development:  Scenario 1, Scenario 2, Scenario 3,
Scenario 4, Open space and Milwaukee Avenue, Height and Milwaukee Avenue, and Parking and Milwaukee Avenue), and this report expands on the process and the variety of hypothetical development scenarios that were imagined.

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Update on height and Milwaukee Avenue

November 24, 2009

Even as I wrote in Height and Milwaukee Avenue (Part I) (now updated),  that “it took several sessions just to get the question right so that it adequately reflected the sentiments of participants concerning height,” the responses didn’t seem quite right, but I brushed off the feeling.

After recently reviewing the sessions once again though, I noticed that I had not shared the final iteration of the responses, but the one prior to the response options having been ultimately revised.  Below is the final and more nuanced breakdown of desired height:

What average height do you envision for new buildings along Milwaukee Avenue?

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