Station evaluation

May 20, 2013

Bike/Walk Logan Square invites you to add your voice and critical eye to evaluating the Logan Square station. Join us May 28 or June 1.

Hub audit May 28 Jun 1

Let’s put the Logan Square “el” station “plaza” out of its misery

July 21, 2011

Concrete “Plaza” at the Logan Square “el” Station

This has long been a sorry excuse for a “plaza,” and the Google Street View above does a fair job of capturing its desolate landscape. It’s unattractive dead space that further deadens the area around it, particularly on its prominent Milwaukee Avenue side.   As alluded to in one of the comments on Pedestrians have been left out of the multi-modal Logan Square transportation hub, revamping the plaza area will assist with bringing pedestrians to a more prominent and rightful place at this transportation hub. Read the rest of this entry »

Undiscovered public places in Logan Square

June 23, 2010

What Makes Your Place Great? Your Secret Corner of Chicagoland contest

The Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC), this year in partnership with the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF), is once again entertaining entries in its What Makes Your Place Great? contest underway to uncover the undiscovered public places in Chicago.

What public space do you go back to again and again, and why? It could be your favorite secret garden, nestled in an empty lot in your neighborhood, or a beautiful courtyard invisible from the street. Maybe it’s a quiet reading nook at a local library, or a peaceful plaza that tends to be overlooked….

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Converting pavement for people

September 28, 2009

This year’s PARK(ing) Day on September 18 prompted New York Times’ By Design blogger Allison Arieff to write a piece on “Pavement to Parks,” which further prompted me to write this piece in the context of Open space and Milwaukee Avenue.

In writing about San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks program, which was apparently spurred on by New York City’s Plaza Program, Arieff writes:

(The) program creates spaces for people by reclaiming excess roadway, through the use of simple and low-cost design interventions.  What’s innovative about these parks isn’t so much the design as the implementation.  As Andres Power, urban designer at the San Francisco Planning Department explains, because there is no structure in place to do something like this “it fundamentally changes the old impasse of years of planning and just lets the space evolve over time.”

That last part about letting the space evolve over time got me thinking about the idea of permanently closing down Milwaukee Avenue between east- and westbound Logan Boulevard and Woodard Street Read the rest of this entry »

Show your love for great places in Logan Square

August 10, 2009

No surprise, there are Great places in Logan Square.  Submissions are in; voting has begun.  Among the entries for the Metropolitan Planning Council’s What Makes Your Place Great? contest are two in Logan Square:

MPC New Wave CoffeeNew Wave Coffee on Milwaukee Ave.

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Planting peace at Paseo Prairie Garden

June 18, 2009

Plant peace begins 006Last weekend’s Plant Peace, Harvest Justice! event at Paseo Prairie Garden was a great event at one of the Great places in Logan Square on a beautiful sunshiney day.  It was just the first of three Live Arts Events* leading up to the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival.

The day began with participants starting a collaborative painting (photo left) while talking about what brought them to the event and their own commitment to peace.
Plant Peace child 011
There were lots of activities to keep things going throughout the day like recorded and live music, artists and budding artists painting their individual masterpieces, which will be on display later this summer at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival.  Neighbors were stopping in to see what was going on all day long.

One of the highlights for me was a song about the Paseo Read the rest of this entry »

Great places in Logan Square

June 12, 2009

Logan Square Farmers MarketNew Wave Coffee. El Cid’s patio. These are just some of the great places in Logan Square that I’ve mentioned in recent posts. Certainly there are many more.

What Makes Your Place Great? contest

The Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC), in partnership with the Project for Public Spaces (PPS), has a What Makes Your Place Great? contest underway to spotlight great public places in Chicago.

What Makes Your Place Great contest

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