It’s not over yet

March 24, 2009

Just a couple of weeks ago I expressed hope, in And another one gone, that that was it for closings and vacancies.  But it’s not over yet.

State Senator Martinez has moved her office from Milwaukee Avenue to Kedzie Avenue.

2733-martinez-044-movingFormer Milwaukee Ave. Office
of Senator Martinez

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And another one gone

March 9, 2009

2657-kedzie-the-winds-closing-004The Winds Café on Kedzie Avenue closed (photo right) in early February.  The signs say the closure is for the purpose of remodeling (photo inset).  While I had hoped that was true, I had my doubts, and, come to find out, the building and the business are for sale.  Still I’m hoping they may just take a break during these winter months, during this current economy, to cut their losses, and that they’ll open again when the weather improves and more people are walking about the neighborhood.  Or, that they’ll sell to a profitable operator or other business.


And another one gone

Further north, I don’t even know when the Washington Mutual at the corner of Spaulding and Milwaukee Avenues closed (photo left).   It was some time between New Year’s and early February.  Read the rest of this entry »

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