Saturday’s recipient and gift

May 21, 2011

Of four eligible comments over the past three days, cindyetta was again randomly selected (via to recieve another gift (see Good things come in threes for more gifts to come).

And today’s gift is a trio of Mad Libs from Play suitable for entertaining cindyetta and friends at a summer barbeque or road trip.

Thanks again cindyetta for joining in the conversation.  Thank you Play for donating the Mad Libs.  Your store is a delight for kids and grown-ups alike.

Friday’s gift and recipient

May 20, 2011

Things are picking up a bit in the way of comments.  That makes me happy.  Of five eligible comments from four commenters over the past three days, cindyetta came in at the nth hour to be the randomly (via chosen commenter to score today’s gift (see Good things come in threes for more gifts to come).

Today’s gift is a trio of comic books (and a bonus hardcover of Batman’s Battle for the Cowl) from G-Mart Comic Books.

Thank you cindyetta for joining in the conversation.  Thank you G-Mart Comics for donating the comics.  I’m glad you chose Logan Square for your off-line store.

The softer side of Milwaukee Avenue

May 19, 2011

Upon reading The Dirt blog Interview with Jan Gehl, who is the author of Cities for People (on my “to read” list), I was prompted to write more about why big box stores don’t work in urban neighborhoods, about why blank walls kill the spirit of commercial corridors, or, rather, the opposite — about what does work. 

What does work are soft edges, particularly on the ground floors, “where the communication between building inside and outside occurs.”

One of the reasons I think the stretch of Milwaukee Avenue between Logan Boulevard and Diversey Avenue (and its Kedzie Avenue opposing street wall) has such potential is because of the plethora of soft edges that still exist, along with some that have been created in recent years.

The newer additions are the various sidewalk cafés like Ciao Napoli Pizzeria’s (photo below left) that even makes its barrier interesting with an unexpected notch in its plane.  Then there’s old- (or never left-) school, like the sidewalk sales of Royal Discount Center (photo below right).


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Reform Objects is transformative

May 10, 2011

Reform Objects on Milwaukee Ave.

Vintage furniture shop

Reform Objects opened a storefront location for a well-edited selection of vintage furniture at 2620 N. Milwaukee Avenue just a week and a half ago.  The store features primarily Mid-Century furniture (photo right), and also has some late 1970s furniture, the occasional 1940s Art Deco/Art Moderne, or any other clean-lined treasure that may catch the eye of owner Cintia Kruschke. Read the rest of this entry »

Lessons from the Dill Pickle Food Co-op: Greentailing

April 15, 2010

As I responded to reader/commenter Amy (see Thank you, and…), I have a complaint with the Dill Pickle Food Co-op:  that it didn’t locate on Milwaukee Avenue.

Wouldn’t it have looked lovely?

What the Dill Pickle Food Co-op Might Have
Looked Like on Milwaukee Ave.

But it did do many other things right, and there are lessons to be Read the rest of this entry »

Bartering for business

November 3, 2009

2775 Warehouse Furniture gold trade 002
Warehouse Furniture at 2775 N. Milwaukee Avenue is engaging in some creative retailing.  They will change/trade your gold for furniture, electronics or mattresses.

Re-investment and reasonable rents

July 31, 2008

More with Dulce Ramos

I have more to share of my interview with Dulce Ramos, owner of The Pump Room Boutique, a shoe store located on Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square from 2003 to 2007. I lost recording of a part of the interview, so Dulce’s words are interspersed below in my own recap and commentary on some of the things we talked about earlier this month.

Building conditions

In addition to outgrowing the space at the original location of the The Pump Room Boutique at 2727 N. Milwaukee Avenue (see An interview with Dulce Ramos), a pipe had burst in the building, warping and damaging the painted floor that had contributed to the unique feel of the store. The building owner was supposed to pay for repair of the floor, but never did. The floor was never repaired, the painting never restored, the feeling never regained. As bad luck would have it, not even a new location at 2630 N. Milwaukee Avenue cured water problems for the store. Read the rest of this entry »