Conquering sign fatigue

June 8, 2010

In a coincidence timely to my recent blog post title, “Sign fatigue,” polis shares a thought-provoking video by Pilar Haile-Damato about a project intent on conquering sign fatigue:

Sensory perception:

Street art installation by CLS at
2616-18 N. Milwaukee; additional CLS art has been found around the neighborhood
here, here, and here.


Longman & al fresco

May 23, 2010

On Thursday, Longman & Eagle expanded its dining area to include outdoor seating on its Schubert Street side.  Chicago weather has cooperated this weekend to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for diners.

Sunday Brunch at Longman & Eagle
in Logan Square

I find it a bit odd that they chose to use the Schubert Street/residential side of their building.  Possibly more enjoyable for diners away from the Kedzie Avenue and bus traffic, but a potential conflict with the residents on Schubert.  On Kedzie Avenue, though, it would have had an agglomeration effect:  the potential to enhance and benefit from further enlivening that strip with the other outdoor dining options.  What do you think?

Sensory perception:

Across the street from Longman & Eagle, beautiful iris grow in a beautiful parkway garden on Schubert St.

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