Great places in Logan Square

June 12, 2009

Logan Square Farmers Market.ย  New Wave Coffee. El Cid’s patio. These are just some of the great places in Logan Square that I’ve mentioned in recent posts. Certainly there are many more.

What Makes Your Place Great? contest

The Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC), in partnership with the Project for Public Spaces (PPS), has a What Makes Your Place Great? contest underway to spotlight great public places in Chicago.

What Makes Your Place Great contest

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Looking back: The Pump Room Boutique (Part I)

July 22, 2008

An interview with Dulce Ramos

Earlier this month I sat down with Dulce Ramos, owner of The Pump Room Boutique, a shoe store located on Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square from 2003 to 2007.

The Pump Room Boutique began in a small space at 2727 N. Milwaukee Avenue in late 2003. Two years later it moved to a larger space at 2630 N. Milwaukee Avenue, only to close down in early 2007. I thought it would be interesting looking back on Dulce’s experience with The Pump Room Boutique and Milwaukee Avenue. Read the rest of this entry »

Mining the library for gold

June 16, 2008


Not the triangulation of mathematics, nor of politics, nor even of marketing; I’m speaking of the triangulation of uses that generate, cross-pollinate, and multiply activity in an area.

I always thought the best location for the Logan Square Library, which was once tucked away in a residential area, would be on Milwaukee Avenue in the midst of commercial activity and “el”/subway stations. Unfortunately, the powers that be decided on a different location, in the middle of the block on a four-lane street. Fullerton Avenue is also a commercial street, but the library is located next to some residential two-flats (another two-flat was even demolished for the library’s construction). The four lanes of traffic make it unlikely that library patrons will brave car traffic to cross the street for shopping, and, while within walking distance and midway between two “el” stations, the library is not visible from either station. Read the rest of this entry »