Saturday morning flashback: Logan Beach Café

Opening Day Menu, Logan Beach Café, 
Logan Square

Remember the predecessor to Lula Café, Logan Beach Café, once affectionately known as “the Beach?”  Finding this opening day menu reminded me of the espresso steamed eggs, a favorite of my dad’s, and how incredibly smokey it was on weekend mornings, something that kept me away more often than not.  What do you remember?

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Menu image by PhillipC on Flickr.


3 Responses to Saturday morning flashback: Logan Beach Café

  1. elisa says:

    I just had dinner with Virginia (the former owner) and friends! I’ll have to show her this.

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  3. Jim Zaphiriou says:

    I spent a lot of time there, hanging with my pals Cliff Lonner (bf/side squeeze of owner Virginia at the time) and “Big” Lee Scheier, Gareth the Grand, and the sundry Logan Beach regulars. Great place to nurse a hangover and crack wise.

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